Professional translations in language-pairs

                                          English/German > Spanish

                                          English/Spanish > German


You want to expand and offer your products abroad but do not speak the language? Or you want to buy some products or services and don´t understand what you´re being offered? A contract needs to be translated?


I may offer a wide expertise in different topics.


Today´s global world enhances the need of internationlisation and language needs increase every moment. I provide professional language services in combinations English-German-Spanish at a short turnaround and at competitive rates. My German character provides me with seriousness, punctuality and superb quality. My transcultural life and truly bilingual capacity (German/Spanish) enhance my insight into different cultures which translates in perfect adaption to target market. Furthermore, I provide transcriptions of your business or private meetings, conferences, etc. My services adapt to your needs as every client has a different and special request. Therefore, quotes are given individually. Don´t hesitate to ask for yours now!


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